About us

Lala – a sweet Scottish Fold – and Blues, a proud British Shorthair, reign at our home. They are the ones who inspired us to develop cat litter for our pets. Together with my wife, we created the Calitti brand to meet the diverse hygienic needs of cats – after all, this is one of the most important areas for our four-legged friends. The Calitti cat litter absorbs odors well. It’s easy to remove from the litter box and the fine grains are gentle on your cat’s paws.
The name of our brand combines cat litter and quality, because we believe in the quality of our products.
To make it easier for you to choose the right litter from the Calitti range, we have broken them down into three types, tailored to cats with different preferences (images of cats can be found on the packaging in a given color):
non-clumping litter (pink) – Lala – a real princess who loves to cuddle and admires cleanliness
clumping litter (navy blue) – Blues, a real cat aristocrat, loves to eat, so he uses the litter box often; it must always be clean!
organic litter (natural) – Carmel – loves nature and natural products, while appreciating the comfort of living indoors.
Choose the Calitti litter best suited to your cat’s needs, so that your furry friend feels comfortable in their surroundings and purrs with satisfaction.
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